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Moorcroft Pottery is more than a hundred years old, fiercely independent, small and almost alone in its pursuit of quality at the highest level of the applied arts.

Moorcroft have been handcrafting pottery from their factory in Stoke-on-Trent since 1897 and examples of their work, both old and new, fetch high prices in the major salesrooms of the world. However, their current catalogue is still going from strength to strength, displaying as it always has, the technique of tubelining, giving the finished piece a raised effect with a wonderful texture which highlights certain elements of the design.

Supported by the world-famous Moorcroft Design Studio and the consummate skills of a dedicated workforce of artists, craftsmen and women, Moorcroft Pottery and Enamels share unprecedented popularity and esteem. Traditionally Moorcroft use very rich colours, but their palette has also expanded in recent years to reflect and complement modern trends in interior designs and styles. 

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