Orrefors Glass

Orrefors utility glass and art glass from Sweden encompasses Scandinavian elegance, innovative design and craftsmanship.

Orrefors is known world over for their quality glass. Founded in 1898, in Orrefors, Sweden. In 1914, Orrefors started making and designing crystal for luxuriant objects of art. After having joined hands with competitors Kosta Boda in 1990, Orrefors have continued to create a variety of awe-inspiring collection of vases, bowls, glasses, candlesticks, votives, chandeliers, tableware & toasting flutes.

The same wine can taste different depending upon the glass. Orrefors have a huge collection of wine glasses customized for the type of wine to be served. The fruit or crisp wine glasses are best suited for white wine and the primeur or Mature glasses are best for red wine. With intensive experimentation and continuous research for more than a hundred years, Orrefors has almost perfected the art of glass making, be it the art glass or household glass.

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