Expressions are proud to be chosen stockists of CARAT jewellery please choose from our selection below or contact us in store for any assistance.

CARAT is a world leading luxury fashion jewellers founded in 2003 by Englishman Scott Thompson and we are proud to be a chosen retailer of their pieces.

CARAT jewellery combines modern day wearability with timeless glamour. With pieces that are about fantasy rather than reality CARAT jewels are for wearing not hiding in a safe.

CARAT have created their alternative to a diamond creating unique gemstones that have the optical characteristics so close to that of a diamond that hundreds of jewellers have agreed they have difficulty telling Carat stones from naturals.

The stones are available in many colours and cuts including Princess, Round Brilliant, Cushion and Emerald.

Each stage in the preparation for the creation of the stones is carried out by hand to an extremely high level of workmanship.

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