CARAT of London Cushion Trilogy Ring in white gold

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Set in 9k whitegold, this 6.5ct equivalent Antique Cushion Trilogy is gorgeous and fashionable. The Antique Cushion cut was one of the most popular cuts for almost 70 years, starting in 1830. Up until the early 1900's this is how most diamonds were cut and was usually referred to as the Pillow Cut. The Antique Cushion Cut was cut for the candlelight of its period and can definitely hold its own in room full of round stone wearers. 


Stone shape : Antique Cushion

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Founded in 2003 by Englishman Scott Thompson, the concept of Carat is one of timeless glamour and the charm and allure of a bygone era mixed with modern wearability. Carat jewellery represents the brand philosophy that pieces should be chosen rather than invested in, and worn rather than kept locked up in a safe. The brand delivers a modern take on classic, vintage inspired styles, and rewards the customer with affordable luxury.

Carat have achieved this by creating its own unique gemstones, aiming to design the best alternative to a diamond one can find, as nothing sparkles quite like a diamond. They created a diamond simulant which boasts optical characteristics so close to that of a diamond that hundreds of jewellers have agreed they have difficulty telling Carat stones from naturals. These stones are extremely hard, measuring close to the hardness of Sapphire and Ruby, and are available in multiple colours and cuts including Princess, Round Brilliant, Cushion and Emerald. The stones typically yield a clarity of “IF” (internally flawless). Each stage in the preparation for the creation of the stimulant stones is carried out by hand, from pre-forming and faceting, to polishing and setting. It is these personal touches that ensure customers that Carat workmanship is second to none.

Carat jewellery is loved by celebrities all over the world including Lisa Snowdon, Michelle Williams, Kara Tointen and the cast of Gossip Girl, which serves to make the brand ever more popular amongst the general public.

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